Principal's Message

Welcome to the Timpanogos Elementary School website! Timpanogos has wonderful students, parents and a hard working dedicated staff whose focus is to assure that every student is learning at a high level.


To help our students achieve academically, Timpanogos has implemented several research-based programs for struggling students during the school day and after school classes.  The faculty and staff regularly participate in professional development with a focus on providing quality classroom instruction.


Timpanogos has a strong focus on using technology to motivate students and prepare them for the demands of the future. Every classroom is equipped with a Promethean board, projector and multiple computers. Six classrooms have one computer for every two students, who work in collaboration on school projects. We also have six portable labs. You will find students using computers for research, presentations, writing and publishing, assisted learning, keyboarding as well as many other ways.


Our after school program, provides academic interventions as well as enrichment classes to over 175 students. After school includes enrichment opportunities, including jazz and ballroom dance, musical theater, arts and crafts, exploration through science, martial arts, etc.


Approximately one-third of our students are enrolled in a two-way Spanish-English Dual Immersion program, in which students are taught the content in both English and Spanish.  Some important facts about this program:

  • Students learn through being immersed in each language.  Through this program students encourage and teach each other, and eventually become fluent in both languages.
  • We use a 50/50 two-way model in which half of the class are native speakers of English and the other half are native speakers of Spanish.
  • Students are taught the curriculum 50% of the time in English and 50% of the time in Spanish by teachers with native or near-native fluency of the language of instruction.

A few of the benefits of the two-way dual immersion at Timpanogos are:

  • Students become proficient in two languages.
  • Spanish-speaking students actually become fluent in English more quickly than tose in English-only classes.
  • Students learn and appreciate different cultures.

We hope you find your visit to our website informative and enjoyable. Please call the school if you have any questions.